Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sariaya, Quezon! :)

May 12, 2012

My family together with the ANTIPOLO BIKERS CLUB, had a road trip experience all the way to Sariaya, Quezon... :)

The night before my friends had a sleepover at my crib meaning yeah! I have ZERO minutes of sleep! :)
Departure time is 7 am, and because we cant drive a motorcycle due to lack of sleep my dad decided to bring the car so we can have a chance to sleep and recharge! XD

1st stop! Petron Gasoline Station at Famy, Laguna we bought some snacks for breakfast and a very fresh cooked TAHO yumyum! :D 
View of the Gas station from the back :D

Taho!! :D  A pinoy favorite :D
 After that we continued on our road trip/ food trip! :D all the way to Lumban we turn right to an inside street to buy a "PUTONG LUMBAN" for me it is one of the most delicious puto I ever tasted :D  You can buy it straight from the fire! :D SO fresh, SO hot, SO soft, So yummy! with salted eggs on top! :D

1 bilao costs 800 :D but one can buy 1/4 of it coz it is really the biggest puto! :D 
They use Talyasi, bilao and kacha to cook or steam the puto :D

The local government really supports the industry :D

Next we passed by a roadside plants shop where in they are specialized in this very creative decorative plants :D
One foot high costs 250 php :D 

Then stopped by a store of Bayong hats, bags, purse, pillows etc. in Luisana. Me and my dad bought bought for ourselves! XD

My dad with his new hat standing by the hukbalahap landmark at luisana's plaza :D
Ate while working out her bayong :D
Me with my fave hat! :D

 Travel time + Side trips (eating, picture taking,) took us about 5 hours to reach our final destination! :D

Atlast where here!! after along tiring experience! I have no sleep right and its too hot that's why I feel so irritated that makes me feel tired but nothing to worry! :D

My dad is too serious to take a look at the camera :D DAD-MOM-BRO

Paksiw na Isda for lunch yum! :D w/ kuya bob

After lunch they played Mahjong ang Tongits! :D
We ordered a local favorite! CAPIS shell! It tastes like an oyster.. The shell  is used as a decoration :D 

We took a 1 hr boat ride all the way to the fish port commonly known as Dalahican located at Lucena, City :D 
Fresh sea foods straight from the barge! XD

1 kilo of flying fish costs 25 php! so cheap and so fresh! :D

And of course, We cant control our feet and we started walking all the way to their main streets and main market to  see what's in their! :D

Group picture! haha XD As we finished our main purpose and it is to buy foods for the night XD
On our way home I was able to take a shot of a small fish vessel! :D I want to ride 1 soon! XD

My  Mom, Me and Kuya :D

Standing at the center of the boat while feeling the wind! :D

Old lighthouse! :D

Say Hi fishermen! :D I salute you! without you there's no fish on every Filipino table! :D

Another 1 hr boat experience.. As we arrive to our place, me and my family packed our things in no time coz we have a commitment early tomorrow morning :D

Then we decided to take a different road.. we passed by the town of candelaria in quezon all the way to san pedro laguna where in you will see this big pipes just beside the high way! :D it is connected to the geothermal plant! :D COOL! XD

One of my most unforgettable experiences!!! I love the fresh fishes from the port!! YUM YUM YUM!! Hope I can go back to this place again! :D

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